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Feng Shui Wealth Necklace - Pixiu and Mani Mantra

Feng Shui Wealth Necklace - Pixiu and Mani Mantra

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Attract luck into your life with the Pixiu Black Obsidian Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth!

The Black Obsidian Feng Shui Necklace is a wealth amulet used to attract, acquire and preserve wealth. Featuring the golden Pixiu strung with obsidian beads, this Feng shui necklace is meant to invite prosperous energies to enhance the wealth aspect of your life.

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  • 1x Feng Shui Wealth Necklace - Pixiu and Mani Mantra

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Uses of the Black Obsidian Pixiu Necklace:

In addition to attracting wealth, this black obsidian Pixiu Necklace is also believed to provide good luck, healing and protection.


✅ Pixiu is said to attract and preserve wealth

✅ Black obsidian promotes health and protection.

✅ Engraved Mani mantra to bring luck and happiness


The Pixiu Necklace for Wealth

In Chinese mythology, Pixiu (aka Pi Xiu or Pi Yao) is a sacred creature known for bringing wealth. Legends say that Pixiu had the ability to devour the riches of the world. But one day, the Jade Emperor put a spell on her by sealing her anus.

This traps all the treasures Pixiu consumes in his belly. This led to the belief that the Pixiu brings wealth and does not allow it to leave. The Pixiu is very popular in Asia, especially among businessmen, and is often seen in casinos.

The Black Obsidian Beads for Health & Protection

Black obsidian is believed to be a healing stone. Worn as a bracelet, it is believed to aid the digestive process. It also helps to combat shadow traits that cause excessive behaviour.

As a protection bracelet, this stone is also used to protect the wearer from negative energies that cause bad luck and misfortune.

The Mani Mantra for Luck & Happiness

The Mani mantra is engraved on the beads. Buddhist monks recite this mantra while making the bracelet to bring luck and happiness.

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