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Lucky Tibetan Red String Bracelet

Lucky Tibetan Red String Bracelet

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Today red string bracelets are popular all over the world. In fact, you might have seen many Hollywood celebrities wearing it in their movies, but do you know the meaning of the red string bracelet?

According to legend, the red string draws negative energies out of a person's life to make room for happy thoughts.

The Red string bracelets have their roots in Hinduism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Buddhism, and ancient Chinese folklore.

You can learn more about the meaning and history of the red string bracelet in our Free Ebook !

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  • 1x Lucky Tibetan Red String Bracelet.

  • The Lucky Tibetan Red String Bracelet's Ebook:

Complete Guide - The Meaning of Red String Bracelets (Value £12.90)

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The Lucky Tibetan Red String Bracelet:

This beautiful bracelet was knotted by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

The knots are made by reciting mantras to allow the bracelets to absorb the powerful spiritual energy that is released at that moment. In this way, the wearer will benefit from this positive energy.

A mantra is a sequence of words or syllables that are usually repeated in chanting during Buddhist ceremonies.

This practice is said to help achieve enlightenment and is usually used during meditation or as a meditation.

The word "mantra" when translated from Sanskrit, has a combined meaning of "thought" and "tools or instruments", hence the literal translation "instrument of thought".

These rope bracelets are adjustable

This bracelet is worn to bring the wearer luck and to attract all that is good.

By ordering this product, you are directly helping the Tibetan community behind this ancient tradition. 

A Modern Touch to This Classic Tradition

Since this tradition has roots in so many cultures, it has evolved into a modern practice that embraces all communities. If you do your research, you'll find out that people use it in several ways, some of which are completely opposite to the other.

However, given its spiritual significance, it's natural to question if there's anything you shouldn't do while wearing the red string bracelet and what the correct way to wear it is? If these things are on your mind, you aren't alone.


  • Here are some popular ways to wear the bright red string bracelet.


Some people always wear it on their left wrist, the "receiving" side of the body as per Kabbalah, and the side closest to the heart. The same is true in many other cultures. However, cutting the red string off the wrist is thought to invite misfortune.

It’s popularly believed that you should wear the red thread until it falls off naturally. Hence, if it comes off, the purpose or desire you set when tying it has or will soon come true.

Red String Kabbalah Bracelet


  • Bracelet hand made by Tibetan monks
  • Attracts all that is good
  • Knots tied while reciting mantras
  • Adjustable size

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