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Rose Quartz Leather Wrap Bracelet

Rose Quartz Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Experience to be connected to the soft radiance of the rosy pink shade of your Rose Quartz Leather Wrap Bracelet

You’ll feel the power of love and calmness from the very first moment you’ll wear it. 

Feel the love and joy coming through the stone's energy!

Your Order will include:

  • 1x Rose Quartz Leather Wrap Bracelet

  • Our Explanatory Card about the Stone's Healing Properties:

  • Our premium packaging for the perfect gift!

About The Rose Quartz Stones:

The meaning of your Pink Quartz crystal is love and compassion. It is also known as Hyaline Quartz.

It helps to heal your emotions and helps you love yourself and to receive love from others.

Rose Quartz stones are minerals well known in human history and are present in several ancient legends.

Researchers found in Iraq beads made from Rose Quartz rock in 7000 BC on the remains of ancient Mesopotamia.

Ancient civilizations used Pink Quartz rocks both as powerful talismans to slow down the aging process, but also as seals to indicate ownership.

The power of pink crystal will bring more love and laughter to your life

It will encourage more romance, more passion, and more friendship. It induces you to spend more time with the people you care about. 

In addition, Rose Quartz can prevent dramatic changes in your relationships, so small setbacks will not make you behave inappropriately. 

You will feel that your emotions are relaxed, and your emotional trauma and turmoil are also reduced.

Like Clear Quartz, the healing power of rose quartz pervades the entire chakra system, allowing everyone to live in harmony with others. 

The basic chakra can be put into a quieter state by using Rose Quartz, which is useful when you find that all your efforts seem to be focused on the survival of the material world. 

The sacral chakra vibrates with the gentle frequency of Rose Quartz, allowing you to experience and appreciate the pleasure and relaxation of the senses. 

The use of rose quartz can sooth the solar plexus chakra.

If you focus on breathing deeply to the solar plexus at the tip of the sternum, the solar plexus chakra will restore balance under high pressure.

Wear this beautiful bracelet full of energy that will enlighten your weeks. 

Own your Rose Quartz Leather Wrap Bracelet now and start to attract better, wonderful feelings!

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