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Tibetan Copper Bracelet - Perfect Harmony

Tibetan Copper Bracelet - Perfect Harmony

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This bracelet is meticulously assembled from Tibetan copper scales, a powerful metal renowned for its many virtues.

It is a bracelet with great energy that has the power to improve the wearer's life in many areas.

Thanks to the Bracelet of Perfect Harmony :
✅ Be more Zen and fit
✅ Boost your spiritual energy
✅ Increase your confidence
✅ Get more energy in your daily life
✅ Have more luck
✅ Attract money and prosperity

1. Be more zen and fit

Stress is one of the most common ailments of our time and is the source of many diseases. Whether emotional, physical or mental, it alters some of our vital functions and ultimately contributes to chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, migraines, depression, anxiety and even cancer.

In addition to effectively fighting stress, this Perfect Harmony Bracelet will slow down your aging process. Copper will stimulate the production of haemoglobin in your red blood cells: oxygen will circulate more efficiently to the different parts of your body, allowing them to perform their functions in an optimal way.

2. Boost your spiritual energy

Copper is known to be an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. What few people know is that it also conducts vibrational frequencies from the physical to the spiritual realm, and vice versa. With this Perfect Harmony Bracelet, you will connect and communicate more easily with the spiritual world.

3. Increase your self-confidence

Copper is a warm metal. Its composition will balance your energies received from the cold moon and the warm sun, avoiding any negative thoughts. It will improve your ability to express and accept your deepest emotions, no matter what the situation. When you feel angry, anxious or aggressive, its energy will calm and soothe you deeply.

4. A real battery, for you

The copper metal of the Tibetan Copper Bracelet will ensure that your energy reserve remains full and intact, allowing you to go about your daily business with great energy. It will also protect you from any negative vibes in your environment.

5. Promote good luck and wealth

The Tibetan Copper Bracelet of Perfect Harmony brings good luck in many areas. Many people wear it during important transactions, such as the purchase of a home or other material goods. Once on your wrist, it will attract money, prosperity and general abundance.

There is only one step left for you to take and that is to decide to take care of your harmony now. Buy this Tibetan Copper Bracelet today at 40% OFF and start your new life!

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Material: Copper, braided rope
Gender: Mixed
Size: Adjustable to your wrist size (16 to 26 cm)

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