Obsidian's Comprehensive Guide - Meaning, Properties and Healing Benefits

Obsidian's Comprehensive Guide - Meaning, Properties and Healing Benefits

Every gemstone has a different nature, meaning, and purpose. People use stones to gain peace, feel loved, have a sense of relief, and most importantly for protection and healing.

Obsidian is one of the gemstones that can give you the kind of balance that you need in your life. It offers protection and emotional sustenance.

Now, this is a gemstone that endures a great history over its use as a healing stone, a stone to find confidence, and a stone that breaks the normal barriers of self-exploration and allows a man to understand himself and the space around him better.

What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is found in the deep trenches of fires originating from the core of the earth. The forming material of this stone is molten lava. It cools down pretty fast, thus taking a rigid, highly dense, and complacent form.

Its colors range from deep black to green, deep blue, purple, and even some shades of brown. The trace materials of other elements mixed with the lava that forges Obsidian is believed to be the reason for such diversity of colors that this stone exhibits.

Meaning of the Obsidian stone

Obsidian is a stone that comes in many different colors. This array of color confirms the presence of several attributes associated with it.

Following are some of the types of Obsidian stones based on their colors and the properties they possess!

  • Black Obsidian; is the most common type of Obsidian stone and is commonly used to reveal the truth by ripping off the fabric of space and time. It is also used for the sake of grounding and protection.
  • Mahogany Obsidian; is a stone that plays with colors. It gives us a mix of several color types such as red, blue, a splash of brown, etc., and gives out a playful appearance. The stone itself is known for its protecting abilities for the carrier.
  • Rainbow Obsidian; is kind of a poetic thing to look at as it enjoys splashes of different colors dancing about the whole structure. The property of this stone is to keep the users centered and level at all times.
  • Golden Obsidian; this primarily has a yellowish gold-like color and is responsible for leveling out all the energy fields related to one's protection.

Healing properties associated with Obsidian

Healing is a broad term when it comes to Obsidian. It encompasses not only the physical element but also focuses on mental, emotional, and metaphysical aspects.

Obsidian as a stone has complex nature so, it might not be clear if the stone is actually working or not at times to the wearer. It might work at a different pace for different people.

But one thing is for sure that all types of Obsidian stones derive from the same process and with the same kind of igneous rock. It means the healing characteristics are either the same or closely knitted with each other.

It offers the center to its users and balance in all life affairs. Another quality attributed to the stone is the protection from negativity by offering strong psychic protection to the wearer.

Due to its very deep and thick color, it also helps in bringing truth to light even if it is muddled with many falsehoods.

This way, you can connect with the truth that you seek and find balance in your life. If you find yourself a tad more emotional in many events of your life, then Obsidian can make you emotionally stable.

It helps in anchoring your mental, emotional, and metaphysical state in a way that you never feel any sense of imbalance.

Cleansing your soul from within

Due to its dark appearance and thick colors, Obsidian also leads to the absorption and removal of negative energies from your life.

The stone will help you to disintegrate all the negativity around you and makes your heart anchored to truth and light, free from the consumption of any negative force.

But you need to remember one thing, clean the stone after using it. It is believed that cleaning will protect the stone from accumulating negative energies.

If you don’t follow this, all these negative energies penetrating the stone might render it useless in the long run.

The best way to cleanse the Obsidian is to wash it with the help of lukewarm water. The most tentative period of the day you should do it is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Ideally, this is a time frame in which either the moon is setting or rising which allows the stone to charge itself with the lunar energy, and it is the most ideal method for charging your Obsidian stone to get the most out of it.

Chakra association

Obsidian has a deep impact on your Root Chakra. Root Chakra is the connecting point between the physical and the spiritual centers of the body. It is believed to be located at the base of the spine.

If you ever feel that you are a little out of touch with your Root Charka, try incorporating Obsidian in your life, and you will be amazed at how incredibly you can connect with your entire being.

Why Obsidian?

The reasons why you should choose Obsidian are

  • It offers healing and protection.
  • Preventing you from the negative energies and toxicity
  • Helps you focus
  • Improves your decision making
  • Helps in overcoming mental stress
  • Open new horizons for you

With Obsidian, you can expose the roots of all your problems. It helps you discover the truth and distinguish between the truth and falsehood.

So, start using Obsidian and become a better version of yourself.

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