Rainbow Obsidian: The Ultimate Guide, Meaning and Healing Properties

Rainbow Obsidian: The Ultimate Guide, Meaning and Healing Properties


This is an interesting type of Obsidian that has these shade colors of green and pink. These colors are formed by nano particles of magnesite within the obsidian which is obviously a volcanic glass formed by volcanic eruptions.

Rainbow Obsidian has the fiery energy of a volcano with the loving energy of the green and the pink. This stone has lots of different uses for it. In fact one very and famous use for it what Nostradamus use to scry with it to actually foretell future events. This is a special crystal and we will explore it in this article so you can use it to heal your present and explore your future using Rainbow Obsidian.


After the Rain always comes The Rainbow

Just as if we had a storm in the sky, with lightning and flashes of thunder followed by a beautiful and bright rainbow coming out of sky, well this is kind of like the energy of this stone.

We can sometimes have those really dark moods and moments where we can’t seem to see out of stressful situations, and it feels like there is no end to the stress.

During the dark times in life or during periods of stress, working with Rainbow Obsidian helps to lift that stress and helps to infuse us with hope in times of despair.

Rainbow Obsidian will help to change your thought patterns, will help to elevate your mood and will help you to even see solutions to problems. It will also help to ground your energies so that you can more clearly, rationally, and logically react to situations in life rather than reacting emotionally. This stone is utterly amazing as it also helps to boost optimism and restore new hopes so that you can forward in your life.

During times of stress, it is not uncommon to hold a lot of emotions in our heart and in our heart chakra, the energy center in our chest. Sometimes when we hold emotions there like despair, sorrow, anger, fear; Then what might happen is that those emotions can affect the heart chakra and affect the heart and sometimes what can happen is our heart will beat faster, the heart palpitations or feel our heart is skipping a beat or we just feel tightness in the chest.

Speak an intention to your Rainbow Obsidian

A powerful way of working with your Rainbow Obsidian is to directly communicate with it and speak an intention to it. What you can do is you can actually hold the Rainbow Obsidian to your heart, and you can ask for healing. It is always good to speak a healing intention to the stone. Let’s see how to do that:

You can just hold the stone to your lips and speak an intention:

“Thank you, Rainbow Obsidian, for releasing all stress, tension, sorrow, and despair from my body, from my heart and from my heart chakra. Thank you for helping me to be grounded, calm and balanced. To outlift my mood and to help stabilize my emotions in full faith so be it.”

What you can do is just hold the stone to your chest and then just take some nice deep breaths in and out. And then, what you can imagine or feel or visualize is all that beautiful rainbow energy flowing into your heart, healing and soothing, giving you hope and optimism, releasing all sorrow, depression, and despair.

Just imagine that all that energy, that rainbow light, is flowing then into your heart, and then into your body, and then to your aura cleansing you of all that stress. And just imagine that your aura, the energy field around you, is filled with those bands of rainbow color, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet colors and just see your aura sparkling and shimmering.

Hold that for a few minutes until you feel the edge of the emotions dissipate whether its fear or sadness and then you are done.

If you are feeling a lot of body tension and stress in your body you can also take some deep breaths in and then blow all of that stress out into the stone and just let the stone take that stress from you.

The beautiful Rainbow Obsidian stone also helps to balance, align, and cleanse the chakras. Indeed, we sometimes can hold that emotional tension in our chakra as well. Working with Rainbow Obsidian can help to dissipate that tension in order for you to be more grounded, relaxed and balanced.

However once you have finished working with the stone, it is important to cleanse it in order remove all of that energy congestion and that negativity it just absorbed from you.

Cleansing your Rainbow Obsidian:

You can cleanse your stone using sage, the most famous cleansing method.

But To get better results working with Rainbow Obsidian, you can also cleanse it using the elements of Fire or Earth to deeply cleanse this stone.

With Fire if you want a real vital, passionate and powered kind of energy, then leave it either near an open fire about one meter away so it doesn’t get too hot or pass it over a candle flame three times quickly. This will give a fiery energy to the crystal and bring it back to its natural balance.

If you want a more nurturing and loving energy, then use the element of Earth and bury it in a natural place of earth (try to remember when you buried it, so you don’t have to dig up the whole garden to find it afterwards). Leave it overnight preferably or just leave it for a couple of hours.


Working with this obsidian can be really settling, and really grounding on your energy. All allow good things to come back in. If if you are going through a period where things are a bit scattered and things are a bit up in the air, then Rainbow Obsidian could be a really good asset for you.

Leave us a comment to tell us what was your experience with Rainbow Obsidians and share this article if you have enjoyed it!

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