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The Spiritual Healing & Protecting Powers of Cats

Posted by Bianca Singh on

Spiritual Cat Healing Protector

Cats are animals with unique and distinct behaviors. So much so that myths have been created surrounding these creatures. Myths that lead to interpretations or legends about certain behaviors even today. Among these legends there is the belief that cats cleanse negative energies, and that their power is so strong that they are considered spiritual guardians. But what is the truth behind all this? Is it a myth or a reality?

Highly Perceptive Creatures

Spiritual Cat Protector Healing

The sensitivity of cats is remarkable. This has a direct influence on the way they relate to other cats, to other animals and to people. It also affects how they respond to environmental stimuli. However, does that mean they can perceive people’s energies? What do we mean by energies anyway?

You may have heard that cats are capable of perceiving people’s fears. Indeed, cats communicate through different ways with humans especially in terms of body language. People who are afraid may have more adrenaline or, take on a posture which suggests they are in a state of fear - and cats understand and are likely to respond to these postures.

Spiritual Cat Protector Healing

In these cases, we do not speak of energies as a spiritual concept. They are a physical and adaptive responses which the felines directly relate to their own survival. Cats have a unique sense of perception. So, if your cat hides when other people come over to your house, it may be for a similar reason.

As we understand them to be sensitive towards an emotional state, or simply a heightening of senses, then cats are indeed animals with special powers.

However, we all know that something else is going on with them cats.

Why is it said that Cats are Healers?

It is no coincidence that in many cultures, Ancient Egypt being a common example, that cats are considered to be healers or to have the ability to cleanse people of negative energies.

Spiritual Cat Ancient Egypt Protector Healing

Cats help us to heal thanks to their high vibration level. They know how to detect when we need care, emotional support or simply help.

Cats' healing abilities manifest themselves in different ways. Simply having a cat nearby helps us raise our vibration because they have a universal and deep connection with Mother Earth.

Cat Purr in the Reduction of Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

Cat Purr Reduction Stress Anxiety Insomnia Spiritual Protector Healing

The technique most commonly used by cats for their well-being and yours is purring. Everyone knows that when a cat purrs, it is because it is happy and appreciates the situation.

This sound emits a vibration that, when in contact with the human energy field, creates positive changes. It is a harmonizing, balancing and healing vibration.

Purring has the same effect as a mantra. In fact, purring is increasingly used by therapists to heal their patients.

According to some animal care professionals such as French specialist Jean-Yves Gauchet, cats' purring has therapeutic virtues capable of punctually reducing stress, insomnia and anxiety.

He explains that "when the body struggles against painful situations, such as stress, the cat's purr emits soothing and beneficial sound vibrations, a bit like music".

Cat Purr Spiritual Reduction Stress Anxiety Protector Healing

Similarly, in retirement homes that accept animals, cats comfort the residents, as the supervisors confide:

"One of our clients suffers from a behavioral disorder and only the presence of her cat soothes her; it helps her fall asleep," says Bruno Hardy, a health executive in a retirement home. In Japan, "cat bars" have even seen the light of day. Inside them, customers come to relax after work, drinking tea while stroking the animals.

Are Cats Spiritual Protectors?

Cat Spiritual Healing Protector

If you own a cat, chances are you think or have noticed that there is probably an inexplicable bond between you and your cat, right?

In addition to communicating with their owners as we saw before through body language, cats are one of the species capable of communicating with many things. They have long been considered the protectors of our spirit.

In many cultures, cats are considered spiritual guardians.

In Japan and China, the story of Maneki-neko is extremely popular. If you haven’t heard of this story, chances are you have seen this Lucky Cat below at least once.

Lucky Cat Maneki-neko Spiritual Cat Protector Healers

Cats are believed to drive bad spiritual spirits away and to attract good fortune. These legends are popular and deeply engrained in theses cultures. In turn, they promote the respect, care, and adoption of cats as a general rule since they hold them in such high esteem.

The Ancient Egyptians also considered cats as a means of communicating with the spirit world.

How many times have you seen your cat chasing "something invisible to your eyes? Or looking right and left as if they were observing a being or an entity, or simply going off like crazy, as if they were being chased?

Cats do have an ability to perceive/communicate with the multidimensional world.

And you, have you noticed your cat "doing something a little strange"?

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