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Tiger Eye's Comprehensive Guide - Meaning, Properties and Healing Benefits

Posted by Bianca Singh on

If you are into gemstones and believe strongly in the resonance these carry towards your personality and soul then you must have heard about Tiger's eye. It is among those gemstones whose ethereal warmth makes you do things and feel confident from within.

From ancient times people have used this stone not only for the stunning beauty that it is but also for the enthralling properties that it has.

What is Tiger’s eye?

It is a quartz crystal having brown and amber striations separated from each other in a consistent and homogenous pattern.

The cutting and polishing of the stone reveal an intrinsic property of the stone which is showing a cat's eye effect when viewed under the light.

This proves the authenticity of the stone that the one you are holding is actually Tiger’s eye. Although the stone normally gives out a brownish and amber-like color, you can also find it in metallic grey and even yellowish color combinations.

Talking about the geographical distribution Tiger’s eye is a rare gemstone, it is not scattered in all parts of the world and can only be found majorly in South Africa while some it even present in Australia, India, and Thailand.

The Historical Significance of Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye enjoys a remarkable place in history especially in the ancient civilizations it was believed that Tiger’s eye has the same healing properties as wild tigers do. The physical strength of the tiger was also thought to be channeled in anyone wearing the Tiger’s eye stone. Confidence, strength, and the ability to see through challenging times are some of the characteristics associated with Tiger’s eye.

Romans believed that Tiger’s eye did lend them courage and protection in the battle and was extremely fond of this specific gemstone. Tiger’s eye has also been used by the people in Middle Ages to chant off bad spirits and negative energies.

Bask in its Protective Energies

Listing the benefits of Tiger’s eye can become an arduous and long process as it has so many of them but the protection that it lends to its wearer is most definitely an incredible one. Whether you like to wear it all the time or from time to time its protective zone will cover you from harm and protect you all the way. You will feel the warmth of its brisk connection with your soul, nurturing you from within, and will find your thoughts more positive and artistically optimistic.

Tiger’s eye doesn’t only protect you from the physical harm but the negative energies that surround you too. Don’t let the negative energies take you, wear either a necklace embedded with this stone or a ring to keep these calamities at bay.

Improves Focus and Lends Clarity to One’s Brain

Tiger’s eye has healing properties too which means it can fix your focus and give clarity to your thoughts. When you are feeling stressed and the weight is just too much you can’t take it your thoughts begin to tear up and your focus diverted lingering along the threads of each and every thought.

Meditating with the Tiger’s eye crystal in your palm and focusing on the present as you feel it can help your scenario. This will definitely help you to have some fresh perspective on things when you need it the most, you will feel more focused, confident, and invested in whatever it is you are doing at the moment.

Mixing Tiger’s eye with other stones can also prove beneficial in your case as it will foster the feelings of serenity when closing your mind and try to distract it from thoughts. Using black onyx or rose quartz as the secondary stones for this process might prove helpful.

Wearing a chakra bracelet harnessing the power of Tiger’s eye at the center and other accompanying stones will provide you the healing effects of all these crystals synonymously.

Allow Good Fortune to Enter Your Life

Certain things in life demand a fortune to reach a point where they can become an asset for you. Starting a new business or a side hustle to usher in some side income can only hit your goals if good fortune is accompanying your moves. Tiger’s eye gemstone is practically worn in the form of a bracelet to allow the flow of positive energy into your life that caters and nurtures fortune in your present and all future endeavors.

If you are not being able to see a project to completion simply due to the lack of motivation then the tiger's eye bracelet can be of some help. It will provide you with the long-lost sense of motivation and believing in yourself, that daunting project that looked impossible is not impossible anymore. It is perfectly doable, why? Because with tiger’s eye you have a clear sense of motivation and a strategy to be able to pull it through.

Strengthen Your Inner Confidence

Laziness, being forfeiting an idea or a thought even before you have worked on it or considered it even in all certainty is the depiction of low self-confidence. This very thing right here will keep you from accomplishing great things in life but if you wish to do something about it and for it to change then tiger’s eye gemstone is the solution.

This stone is associated with your solar plexus chakra and can clear out your sluggish energy and with a clear solar plexus, you will be able to find your footing not only in your confidence that seemed a bit lost but a shear sense of focus too. It doesn’t only work in your business and practical life but in personal life too, if you are too afraid to ask that person or that colleague out on a date or take your love life to the next stage then wearing the tiger’s eye stone can be of great help. It will help you to find your footing while taking things to a next level.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t underestimate the effects some chakra stones can have on your life and the roles these can play to turn it around. Feel empowered, free off negative thoughts and energies, find yourself utterly focused and completely invested in arenas of self-confidence with Tiger's eye stone.




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